Andrey Liman

Ukraine Kharkov




Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

Master's degree, Software Engineer

2011 – 2017

Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance

2009 – 2010



FM Navigator

This client needed a development partner to build a highly interactive strategic planning platform. This application allows users to created plans with drag and drop ease then monitor the execution of those plans over time with automated data mining, sophisticated reporting, alerts for plan deviation, built-in chat, and much much more. Many cutting edge technologies were coded to bring this platform to life.


This client needed a development partner to build a platform with multiple user types including end users, executive coaches, HR directors, content providers, distributors and administrators. The platform provides a marketplace for learning content and an automated system for creating and tracking action plans for individuals within companies. This client needed a development partner that could build a highly complex back end platform and an extremely user friendly front end.


Talentspot is a revolutionary platform that allows hiring managers and job seekers to connect based on related skills and behavioral attributes. From advanced job searches to powerful job matching, Talentspot helps job seekers get more than a great job – it helps you harness the power of your skills and personality to stand out to the perfect company for you, and turn your dream job into a reality.

My role on project

Project build on Yii1, PostgreSQL, rabbitMQ, memcached. Building DNA tests for job seekers. Importing jobs from Indeed and Monster services. Full-text search implementation by jobs with additional using of user location.


RECOVERY ONLINE provides on-line tools to support your face to face or virtual recovery groups. Provide peoples use online chat, video calls, audio/video conferences to get support online.

My role on project

Implementing frontend side for project using angularJS. Works on XMPP protocol to build one-to-one and group chats. Use stun protocol to send information about incomming call and route WebRTC traffic. For group calls implemented Jitsi Meet. Implemented desktop notifictions from javascript to send notifications to user if he is online on site.


HERDT company provides printed and digital books for private customers, companies and educational establishments. System contents from shop, CRM system, printing system, shipping, reporting, subscription for educational establishments with all digital books.

My role on project

Project builded on Yii2, Angular2, BackboneJS, Mysql, MSSql, SQLite3. Build internalization system on SQLite3, implementing external shipping system builed on MSSql. Impelemting big number of features for CRM system. Implementing Drag'n'Drop module using angular2 to build book covers. Building system to work with printing machines via navision interface. Implementing 'Daemon' service as systemd service to collect console jobs in queue and process them in parallel thread on linux server. Implementing REST-full interfaces to comunication between CRM and printing machines. Implementation Zabbix server as monitoring system. Documentation writing.


Web application that collects all marketing information around peoples and send information about sales to customers mobile phone.

My role on project

Project builded on Yii1, PostgreSQL, AWS services, SQS, Docker, Memcached. Bugfixing from previous developers. Implementing of Apple/Amazon/Facebook login. Fix performance problems. Implementing additional functions for administrators panel.